Drugs ten times deadlier than heroin hit the streets of Britain

According to a media report, deadly opioids which are apparently ten times more potent than heroin has hit the streets of Britain, with devastating effects.

There is also further media information suggesting that an investigation undertaken by the More >

Big Ben, clock

UK rises in crime as nothing to do with ‘radical Islamic terror’.

Donald Trump should pay more attention to the fact that gun legislation in the US cause the country to have, much single mass shooting of its citizens than any other country in the civilised world.

The President’s comments posted online that the UK More >

Los Angeles police investigating movie producer over suspected sexual assault

The media over the last few days are reporting allegations against a well known Hollywood producer.

According to the various reports, he faces sexual misconduct and assault allegations which apparently, occur over an extended period.

I find it More >

Government concept

Theresa May destined to be removed as Prime Minister

The most significant recourse, in my opinion, a government has is the ability to listen to the electorate and amend policies and procedures that fail both the voters and the country. Failure to do so will limit your power to govern.

We currently More >


Paedophile serial killer to be executed in Texas

I will begin by saying that from both a personal and biblical point of view I do not believe in or support the ‘death penalty’. It is an archaic, outdated system of justice that has no standing in a 21st Century society.

A so-called paedophile More >

US District Judge blocked Trump’s controversial travel ban

I could be wrong, and if I am, many people will put me straight. I cannot imagine any other US President that has so much negative media attention, because of his juvenile actions.

A media report states that a Federal Judge has blocked the Trump More >

Disabled person.

Disabled woman sexually assaulted by carer

How disgusting, evil and vile can a human being behave. One could say, is depravity knows no bounds;  this man should never be allowed into any community again.

It has been reported, in the media that a 59-year old carer raped a severely disabled More >

Government concept

Government to introduce tough penalties for reckless drivers

Too often people lost their lives are end up with severe injuries due to reckless drivers. They sometimes only get away with a slap on the wrist, that is about to change.

The government, according to a media report, will be introducing stricter More >

Sexual assault

Rapper Nelly rape accuser wants case against him dropped

A media report, suggests that the 21-year old woman who accuses Rapper Nelly of rape wants the case drop.

Rape is, in my opinion, a disgusted violation that can happen to anyone. To have your body violated by another person without your consent is More >

UK along with other EU leaders condemns Donald Trump

In my opinion, it is in the interest of all of us that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. But how you go about achieving this is important, there must be protocols put in place that the Iranian government can agree with and accept.

According to More >

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