Electorate Power, But No Common sense

The electorate, especially in Britain is one of the most powerful there is but they lack common sense when it comes to choosing a government that will govern their lives for 5 years, and in terms of the Conservative party they will make the life of More >

Sorry You Cannot Have A Baby, You Are Biological Twins

That must be the worse statement any Doctor would have to say to a couple, but that was exactly what an IVF Doctor had to say to a married couple that was trying to use IVF to conceive a baby.

Apparently, the twins lost their biological parents More >

Donald Trump Want to Ride In the Queen’s Golden Carriage

Who tell Donald Trump that the Queen’s golden carriage is a vehicle that befits the likes of him, that carriage is a symbol of British decency, integrity and honesty and should not be used for an individual that do not possess those qualities.

How More >


Conservative Tax Credit ‘Rape Clause’ Versus Lazy Peers

It is plain, clear and obvious that the Conservative government will never be a party for the people, they will continue to be a party that supports the lifestyle of the already haves at the expense of the have-nots.

Starting today tax credit is More >

Victims Of Honour Killings And Arranged Marriages

As a society, we tend to frown on any activities that are committed by certain communities, which we cannot come to terms with or understand the so-called logic behind why these communities would undertake such behaviour.

For example, arranged More >

Russia Court Bid To Outlaw Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah’s Witness is a worldwide organisation with over 8.13 million people. There is some 175,00 Jehovah’s witness in Russia and their headquarters is based in St Petersburg.

According to a media report the Russian Government launched a supreme More >

Conservative Government Welfare Cuts – Nothing New

I cannot understand why anyone is so surprised at the latest Conservative government welfare cuts that will cause the poorest of our society to go further into poverty and hardship.  

Traditionally, the Conservative government is known for the More >

The Continuing Escalation Of Knife Crimes in Our Cities

A 16-year-old stabbed at Queensbury Tube Station, taken to hospital but was released, police are looking for four men that are seen on CCTV, they could have potential information regarding the stabbing.

20-year-old stabbed at Earlsfield, after what More >

Article 50 triggered, The Darkness Falling Over The UK

There are those who will rejoice in the knowledge that the Prime Minister has finally triggered article 50 that will begin the process of the UK leaving the European Union.

However, there are hundred of thousands of people who are rather More >

Will The 2nd Amendment Of The US Constitution Be Their Downfall?

The second amendment of the United States constitution reads: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

As yet again the US witness another More >

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