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Income Rules – Not About Families, It’s About Money

The Supreme Court upheld the Government rules that a British Citizen must be earning £18,000 before he or she can bring their foreign spouse to the United Kingdom.  

Apparently, the judges reject the appeals from the families who believe that the More >

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How Do We Recognise The Coming of God

The world held its breath and sigh when it emerge that Donald Trump was going to become the next US president, something that no one could ever believe could happen.  

During the campaign and elections, everyone believes that Hilary Clinton would More >

Donald Trump, Should Stay Away From The UK

The majority of UK citizens always welcome the US President to the UK, we seem to believe that there is a special relationship that the UK and US as and therefore, we feel honour bound to roll out the red carpet.

This time we do not want to roll out More >

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Courts Halts Trump’s Idiotic Executive Order

Donald Trump is an idiot and anyone who does not know or is aware of the man’s crap is either fooling themselves or they are delusional, and I do not believe that people are that gullible.

According to the media, this so-called executive order that More >

Rendition, Inhuman, Undignified and Barbaric

According to a media report, the Supreme Court backed a Court of Appeal ruling that an ex-Libyan dissident can go head and sue former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw over allegations of abduction and torture.

During the Iraq, Afghanistan and the More >


Why Does Anything That Trump Do Surprise Americans?

From an outsider point of view, I do not understand why the American people are surprised at Donald Trump’s attack on Civil Rights Campaigner, John Lewis and his previous attack on Meryl Streep.

If one should put both Donald Trump and John Lewis More >

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Robin Thicke Accused Of Punching And Spanking Son

According to media reports singer Robin Thicke has been accused by his former wife of spanking and punching their son.

I take a dim view of individuals whether they are public figures or not, that causes grief to their children.  It is heinous and More >


Criminal Activities Is Not Predominantly ‘Black’

We are now in 2017, and it is the time that the police stop treating Black people as if they are the only race on the planet that commits a crime, this community is sick of this incorrect profile.

According to a media report, a Black Deejay driving More >

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Russian Spies Have Compromising Information About Trump

According to media reports during the US 2016 presidential eLection, Russian spies gather compromising sexual and financial information about the candidates but chose to leak the ones concerning Hilary Clinton and hold on to those that affect Donal More >

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Turkey’s Nightclub Massacre, 39 People Dead

Irrespective of what time of the year it is, whether it is a New Year or not some individuals have no respect for the sanctity of life, and they continued to cause mayhem and carnage in our society.

As the rest of the world mourned with the people More >

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