North Korea threatens to shoot down US bombers

The thought that we could be on the brink of world war three seems closer as North Korea square off with the might of the US.

A media report has stated that North Korea foreign minister alleges that the US President Donald Trump has declared war on More >

32-year old police officer fathered 15-year old girl baby

According to a media report, a police officer honoured for his bravery regularly had sex with a 15-year old girl.

This New Jersey county detective not only had a sexual relationship with an underage girl, but she fell pregnant, and after the birth More >

Political protest

Far-right group rally cancelled due to lack of support

Far-right group ‘English Defence League’ planned rally was called off when only two people turned up.

A media report, suggests that the group planned march was, supposed to be held, in Chelmsford was, abandoned when the protesters against fascism More >

A Muslim doctor stabbed in ‘hate crime’.

A 58-year old Muslim orthopaedic surgeon was stabbed outside a greater Manchester mosque as he arrived for evening prayers.

According to a media report, police or treating the attack as a hate crime. The doctor had treatment in hospital; his More >

Burnt body of French au pair found in a garden

A woman and a man, according to a media report, has been charged with the murder of a 21-year old nanny.

There is currently no information as to how death occurs before the body was, pulled from a burning pile in the garden of an end-of-terrace home More >

US President accused of racism – So what’s new

I do not understand why anyone would be surprised when Donald Trump opens his mouth. One should realise that the man’s brain and mouth do not, in my opinion, work in tandem.

A media report states that Donald Trump is, accused of racism after a More >

people in a crowd

A Greek restaurant shut down for being the dirtiest in the World

A media report stated that a Greek restaurant was, closed because it was labelled the dirtiest in the world.

The diner next to Hyde Park was found to be, following inspection, littered with cockroach eggs, rodent droppings, sewage and More >

Women wearing burkas while driving in Germany will be fined

The burkas, worn by Muslim women or either done for a cultural or religious reason and is part of their everyday attire. The Koran, ‘Muslims holy book’ calls for men and women to cover and be modest.

However, according to a media report, women who More >

Football coach busted by paedophile hunters

According to a medial report, a 44-year old football coach was busted by paedophile hunters, when he thought that he was meeting with a 15-year old.

Apparently, the man had taken a day off from his job, travelled an hour from his home to meet the More >

Woman boycott supermarket, because the staff are too friendly

Are you kidding me? In a world where so many people treat others with hatred, disrespect, bullying and far too many cruel ways to mention, we find an individual who resent people being friendly.

Unbelievable, but according to a media article, a More >

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