Haunted House

Ghost Just Wants To Be Young Mother, Friend

Nothing in this life is impossible, in my opinion, especially if one’s mind is open to the possibility that anything is possible to be it in the physical or non-physical world.

According to a new report a 23-year old mother who unknowingly More >

Police officers opposite to Big Ben in London UK. Vintage retro style.

Police Officer Stabbed by Gang, In Hospital.

Stabbings have become the modern day plague in the UK and in particular in the Capital.  There doesn’t seem to be, in my opinion, anything that is being done to stop these persistence knife crimes.

According to a media report, a 40-year old plain More >

christ redeemer

Why Warn The Christian Community If They Are Not At Risk?

I do not believe in double talk.  In my opinion, it can be extremely dangerous and in this climate where we are so afraid of terrorist activities, the last thing the public needs is misleading information.

According to a media report, the police is More >

British Police Station Sign

Glassed In the Face, Just Smiling At Another Woman

Has this world and its inhabitants, gone crazy?  I cannot believe the story that I read in the papers, but here it is, and it will certainly astound you.

According to the media report, a 25-year old woman was glassed in the face because she dares to More >

Police Officer

Met Police Officers Ambush and Beaten By Schoolchildren

I am not sure if our society as gone crazy or the lack of respect for authority has diminished over the years so that police officers can be ambushed and beat up by school children.

According to a media report, two met police officers, were More >


Nigel Farage, UK Ambassador – No Thank You

I do not always agree or support the Conservative party or its government.  But there comes a time when one has to put party politics aside in the interest of the country.  I wholeheartedly agree with N0. 10, we do not need Nigel Farage as UK More >


Raped Because The Mobile Phone Too Old To Steal

The crimes that are emerging in our communities and the ages of the perpetrators are of great concern to society; something must be done to prevent these crimes from destroying young lives and our communities. 

According to a media report, a 15-year More >

Sexual assault

UK Tourist Raped In Dubai, Faces Prison

Where does the authority of Dubai get off threatening to send a victim to prison for being gang-raped.  Do they not know what the definition of rape means

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Rape: Unlawful sexual activity, sexual intercourse carried out More >


British Man Who Hacked FBI & NASA To Be Extradited

A 31-year old British man who apparently, according to the media, hacked the FBI and NASA will be extradited to the United States to stand trail.

The British Home Secretary agreed the extradition of the UK citizen. The 31-year old man faces three More >


Teenage Murders Jailed For Life

It ‘s hard to wrap one head around the fact that two teenagers both 14-year-old have the capability and thought to process, plan and execute the double murder.

But, according to a media report, a boy and girl both 14-years old murder a 49-year old More >

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