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Australian Woman Shot Dead By Minnesota Police Officer

According to a media report, a 49-year-old Australian woman living in Minnesota and planning her wedding was shot dead by a Minnesota police officer.

The report alleges that the woman called 911 to report a possible assault outside her home, More >

Conservative Deals to Stay in Power is Counterproductive

We are all aware that there are some people who once they get a taste of power they find it difficult to relinquish, and they are never concerned with what their power hungry attitude does to the vast majority of people.

Unfortunately, Theresa May More >

Human Lives Will Always Be Sacrificed When Authorities Fail To Listen

We live in a world that is predicated on the amount of money both Local and Central government can grab out of the population and in doing so they are never any concerns regarding the number of lives that will be lost if they do not listen and put More >

Ghost Baby Spot Climbing Into Live Baby Cot – Really

Or you kidding me, well whether you believe in spirit, ghost, or whatever name you may call someone who has died and left this realm it would appear that they do not go quietly and will do anything to stay among the living. 

According to a media More >

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Arming Frontline Police Officers – Definately No

According to a media report, police Chiefs are on the verge of discussing the possibility of offering a gun to all Frontline officers in England and Wales.  That would be a disaster.

The United Kingdom police service already have an armed response More >

High Court ‘Kick Out’ Conservative Benefit Cap

The High Court has, according to media reports, dealt a blow to the Conservative benefit cap, by defeating the proposals.

According to one of the Judge, this benefit cap would cause real misery for no good reasons.  Sometimes our Judicial system is More >

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Doctors Are Not God And They Should Know That

According to a media report, Great Ormond Street Hospital for children is currently treating a ten-month-old infant with a rare genetic condition, which includes brain damage, the child is currently on life support which they want to More >

Hate crime word cloud

Finsbury Park Mosque Terror Attack

Once again the country woke up to yet another terror attack, this time perpetrated on worshippers at a Finsbury Park Mosque.

According to the media, a 48-year-old man drove a van into unsuspecting Muslim worshippers killing one and injuring several. More >

There is no such thing as loyalty when it comes to Politics

As a member of the human race, we tend to believe in loyalty, friendship and having each other’s back this is something that as a human being we have come to expect from our fellow man, however, if you are a politician forget loyalty.

Following More >


Grenfell Tower Block Fire, A Country In Mourning

The United Kingdom has over the last couple of weeks experienced three traumatic events which have left its citizen in a state of shock and the country asking whether these three events could have been avoided.

Firstly, the terrorist activities that More >

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