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Music Mogul Millionaire Faces Prison For Rape

According to a media report, a music mogul millionaire is facing a prison sentence for raping two teenage girls.

Apparently, the 82-year-old forced himself on the girls, in the seventies and eighties.  One of the victims described the perpetrators More >

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Why Do Individuals Allowed Themselves To Be Conned

According to a media report, the Authority is searching for a 43-year-old man that seduces a divorcee, and fleece her out of £850,000.  


Apparently, a 55-year-old woman allowed this fraudster to conned her left her destitute and destroyed her More >

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Conservative Aide Arrested, Following Rape Allegations

According to a media report, a 23-year old Conservative Aide arrested following an allegation of rape, that apparently, occurred in the Houses of Parliament.

It would appear, from the media report that the incident happens following a drinking More >

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Unacceptable And Overcrowding Homes In The UK

For anyone who has been through local council housing, it will come as no surprise that a survey undertaken by the organization, Shelter found that 4 in 10  people reside in unacceptable housing conditions.

There are thousands of families that rely More >


Brexit Supermarket Price Row Begins: What Next

So, following Brexit, there is now a problem with consumer items, according to the media supermarket giant Tesco is out of brands such as Flora, Marmite, Persil, Surf washing powder and other items.

Apparently, the report suggested that sterling has More >

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Cardinals Angry At The Opening of McDonald’s Near Vatican

According to a media report, some Cardinals are livid about the opening of a McDonals fast food, near the Vatican.

The Vatican

Apparently, the head of the section of the Catholic church that deals with the assets has given the go-ahead for the More >


Cyclist Have A Responsibility For Their Safety

According to a media report, a female cyclist is fighting for her life after being hit by a motor car.

It might sound callous, but I am finding it tough to sympathize with this cyclist and before anyone believe that I am, heartless let me explain More >

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Indonesia To Either Castrate Or Execute Child Rapist

Following the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl, the Indonesian government signed a bill which will introduce the death penalty for a violent rapist.

According to a media report, other severe laws will see child rapist castrated. More >

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UK, Colchester Dog Attack Leaves Baby Dead

Staffordshire bull terrier

According to a media report, a baby boy has died, and another child was in hospital following a violent dog attack, in the UK community of Colchester.

Apparently, the dog attacked three people killing the baby and leaving More >


Creepy, Ridiculous Clown Craze Hits The UK

What is it that causes individuals in the United Kingdom always to want to follow any craze that is happening in the United States?

It was reported in the media recently, that persons were dressing up as clowns and jumping out scaring people, in More >

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