Will The 2nd Amendment Of The US Constitution Be Their Downfall?

The second amendment of the United States constitution reads: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

As yet again the US witness another More >

Australian Far-Right Politician Wants Muslims Ban

One of the biggest problems that we have on this planet is the way in which people respond to a crisis and the after-effects of rash decisions by governments and politicians.

There is no doubt that the terror attack on Westminster bridge is heinous More >

Speculation About The Lone Terrorist Is Counterproductive

The media is full of speculations and innuendoes about the lone terrorist that created the terror attack on Westminster Bridge, killing four people including a veteran police office. The terrorist was shot and killed by armed police.

I am very angry More >

Terror Marred The Streets Of London

On Wednesday 22 March 2017 the streets of London was marred by a terror attack, this was not in the style of a bomb, but an individual using a motor vehicle to mow down the unsuspecting member of the public.

According to the media, a man was killed More >

Will Brexit Be the Trojan Horse That Break Up The Union?

With Theresa May poised to trigger article 50 on March 29, the process by which we begin negotiations to leave the European Union, will this event see the break-up of the united Kingdom? 

There is no doubt and all indication suggests that Scotland More >

Religious Symbols And Headscarves Ban In The Workplace

According to a media report, the European Court of Justice has backed bans on religious symbols and headscarves.  The ruling allows firms to ban workers from wearing any religious symbols.

The European Court has sugar coated their ruling by stating More >

British Police Station Sign

Police Officer Charged Over Smashing Windscreen Incident

The Crown Prosecution Service has charged the Police Officer involved in the smashing of a motorist windscreen.

According to the media report, the Police Officer was filmed after he pulled over a Black motorist, a case of mistaken identity. But, More >

£70,000 Fine For Tory Party Breaking Election Expense Rules

According to a media report the Conservative party as been fined £70,000 for breaking election expenses rules.

The article outlined details of how the Conservative party break the election expenses rules, by failing to report six-figure sums it More >


Security Guard At City Hall, Asked Black Councillors If They Were Cleaners

I really do not understand that there are still individuals on this planet that fail to recognise that this is the 21st Century and Black people represents all aspect of life and they are not only cleaners.

According to a media report, three Black More >

Taking Ibuprofen Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack

According to a media report, researchers in Denmark have identified that taking ibuprofen severely increases the user’s risk of having a heart attack, which is a startling revelation.

Ibuprofen can be purchased over the counter in the UK and More >

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