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Neighbour From Hell Jailed For 28 Months

A 52-year-old man has been jailed for 28 months for terrorising his neighbors for 7 years. According to a media report, the 52-year-old bombarded his neighbours with over 200 hate letters, accused the couple of […]

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Management Company For Grenfell Tower, Sacked

The management company, according to a media report, that was responsible for Grenfell Towers has had their responsibilities taken away. Following a meeting with survivors, which was attended by the Prime Minister, she informed them […]


Ovarian Cancer Patient Win Massive Payout

A Los Angeles diagnose ovarian cancer patient won a $417 million payout, from Johnson & Johnson, when it was, found that the company’s, baby powder is linked to ovarian cancer when used for feminine hygiene. […]


UK Supermarket, Sold Sausages With Hepatitis

According to various media sources a UK supermarket that is only named, as Supermarket X, may have unknowingly sold thousands of people sausages and ham infected with Hepatitis. Warning about the problem, came after scientist […]

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Vandals Attacked Mosques Across Spain

A media report has suggested that since the┬áBarcelona terrorist attack, vandals have attacked Spanish Mosque across the country. It would appear that the vandals leave racist graffiti on one Mosque, in a vicious racist attack […]


A New Low In Football Club Security

Since the horrors of 9/11, we have witnessed heightened security protocols around the world. In most part, we have accepted and embraced that our lives will never be the same, tolerating numerous security intrusion into […]