44-year-old mother kills son over a custody battle

What in the world is wrong with these people and what makes them into inhuman monsters.

Why would a mother experienced the agony of childbirth, the joy of hearing that first cry and seeing the face of your child, then turn around and murder them? I am finding it very difficult to comprehend.

According to a media article, a 44-year old mother allegedly murder her seven-year-old son. She apparently strangled and smothered the child because she was in a custody battle with the child’s father.

The thought that any mother can kill her child because she fears the courts may give him to his father is unbelievable, inhumane and downright atrocious.

Her behaviour proves that she was an unfit mother and should have lost all rights to the child. By killing the child, she took away the decision from the courts as to who would have been the better parent.

But, what annoyed me is the suggestion in the article where it said the courts heard that she was suffering from depression, and what ‘diminished responsibility’ was.

The problem in our society is these legal excuses that we seem to be able to banter around when an evil person commits a heinous crime. I do not buy into mental abnormality makes me murder a seven-year-old child. She made her mind up that she would rather see the child dead than the courts giving him to his father and that in my book is premeditated murder.