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Princess Diana is Dead – Let Her Spirit Rest

I detest people who cannot keep their mouth shut, especially those that has employment in a privileged position, irrespective of whether your employer is alive or dead dignity and respect suggest that whatever you think […]


Why Doubt the Existence of Jesus

As far as I know Jesus did exist, and I believe everything that the King James version of the Bible states about the ‘Son of God.’  There is no doubt that there are individuals who […]

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Russian Cyber Crooks – Do they have your details

According to a media report, Russian cybercrooks hacked a software system that runs on thousands of cash register worldwide.   The report further indicates that it is unknown what the hackers accomplished once they gained access, […]

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Slum Landlord – Diabolical Individuals

Poverty is one of the reasons why ‘slum landlords are getting away with cramming people into small dilapidated housing and making a huge profit from others misery. As reported in the media council enforcement officers found […]

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Why Fuss over Rise in Minimum Wage

Every day that passes and the things that humanity does leave me with a bitter taste in the mouth and I believe the human race fail miserable. There is an article in the news that […]