Michael Jackson is Dead, Let Him rest in Peace

I am disgusted and furious that Conrad Murray the doctor blamed for Michael Jackson’s death wrote a book and apparently publishing a supposedly explosive account of the late star life. What it is with human […]

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9/11Attack- Saudi played no role

Following media reports, it was suggested that after examining 28 pages of classified information a Whitehouse spoke person indicate that there was no evidence that the Saudi government or individual acting their behalf was involved […]

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Why Stimatise men, They are not all the same

According to the media newly appointed, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom apparently made a comment in an interview regarding the use of men as nannies. Why should she believe that parents should not employ men as […]

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The Qualities Needed To Lead A Nation

It is tough in today’s political arena to find one individual that I would say yes I want that person to be the leader of the country and subsequent Prime Minister. In my opinion, it […]

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Bastille Day Celebration Attack 80 dead

Oh my, God, what is wrong with people, why would anyone want purposely to kill eighty innocent men women and children. According to the media report, people celebrating Bastille day in Nice was killed when an […]

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Why deny Legal Aid to a Mother

The heartlessness of an organisation particular people in a position that make decisions that affect millions of people lives? I happen to come across an article which suggests that thousand of people are sending a […]

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Racism Is Very Much Alive So Wake up

My rant for today is about racism and the fact that it is still alive and kicking. Observing young people especially in the social environment, and the number of mixed couples one would assume that […]