Britain gets it’s first paedophile sniffer dog.

As reported by the media two British police dogs have been trained to catch terrorist, fraudsters and paedophile. They are the first outside of the US to be taught in this way.

These two dogs are from Devon, Cornwall and Dorset police. One is a 19-month-old Springer Spaniel, and the other is a 20-month-old black Labrador, they are already assisting in operations across the UK.

The article states that the police says that this is a historic step for policing. The dogs are also being trained to sniff out data devices such as mobile phones, USB sticks, SD card, hard drives and computers.

These dogs are part of a trial, and if they are lucky, an assessment will be, made at the end of the year intending to rolling out the scheme across the country.

It would not surprise me that these dogs will be a success, they have a keen sense of smell, better hearing than humans and we should never underestimate the capabilities of man best friend.