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Zombie Knife Ban – About time

A knife which is the nick-named zombie to be banned in England and Wales under new legislation that will come into force on Thursday 18 August 2016. The sale, manufacture, rental or importation will come under […]


Woman Sent To Jail Refuses to confirm Husband hit her

Society deplores ‘domestic violence’ by male or females, however, statistics shows that men commit most domestic violence against women. Domestic violence is a criminal act, and the perpetrators of this will be prosecuted.  However, it is up […]


Refilling Drinking Water Bottle Unhygienic

Millions of people every day will refill their water bottle especially when you are in the gym exercising, and this is something done without even thinking about any health consequences. Now according to a media […]

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Paranormal occurrences – Police Baffle

The media reported that police officers were called to a house in South Lanarkshire after a series of paranormal events cause the residents to panic. Apparently, the officer’s witness occurrences they could not explain such […]

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Princess Diana is Dead – Let Her Spirit Rest

I detest people who cannot keep their mouth shut, especially those that has employment in a privileged position, irrespective of whether your employer is alive or dead dignity and respect suggest that whatever you think […]

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Russian Cyber Crooks – Do they have your details

According to a media report, Russian cybercrooks hacked a software system that runs on thousands of cash register worldwide.   The report further indicates that it is unknown what the hackers accomplished once they gained access, […]