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Why Should Disabled People Feel Ashamed

Disability is not something that anyone would knowingly inflict upon themselves. Therefore I cannot see why a physically challenged person should feel ashamed. If society cannot accept that, there are physically challenged people in our […]


Knife Crime Law not Tough Enough

I believe that the law governing knife crime is too soft and because of that the individuals that are carrying and using knives are not concerned are afraid of the punishment if convicted. Again the […]

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Why do US Police Quick to Kill Blacks

I believe that the killing of Blacks by US police is leftover from the remnants of slavery, and the perception of blacks during this disgraceful period in history. There is a slavery mentality that regards […]

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Why Migrants/ Refugees Risked Their Lives

The media reported that the bodies of 22 people were found on a migrant dinghy, in the Mediterranean sea.  People fleeing from their countries  I was shocked to learn that the first five months of this year […]

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Should single father ask for child support

Primarily, society sees women as the carer of children, and if they are not with partner or husbands, they are called a single parent and are entitled to child support.  Raising children is no longer […]

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2015 European Union Terror Attacks Increased

According to information report in the media, the European Law Agency said that 211 attacks occurred in 2015, and that was the highest since they began records back in 2006. Apparently, the UK had the highest […]

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Are you Kidding me – Donald Trump, Really

America, are you telling me that you could not find any other person in huge Republican supporter to nominate as the Presidential candidate. When Donald Trump put himself forward as a candidate, in my opinion, most […]


Bowel Cancer – Sardine, Trout, Salmon beneficial

According to health information reported in the media, there is a suggestion consuming oily fish at least once per week could help patients with bowel cancer. It could boost their chance of survival. Apparently, over 40,000 people […]