Dissecting the inner workings of the Las Vegas shooter

I never understood why we always want to dissect the lives and people around an individual that commits heinous crimes.

The Las Vegas shooter took the lives of 59 people and injured over 500, and all the media seems to be doing is speculating. The only person that knows exactly, why he decided to commit such a violent criminal act, is dead.

Therefore, dissecting the life of his girlfriend, what he had to eat and drink in his hotel room, his father being a bank robber is not getting us any nearer to the why.

It annoys me how the media focus on what I believe is trivial issues. Every time an individual commits a mass shooting in the US the focus is never on how you stop these people getting their hands on weapons of mass destruction, it is always about their life and the reason they commit murder.

Do they try to ascertain this information so that we can spot someone with the potential to shoot loads of innocent people, and if this is the case what does their hotel bill has to do with that process, am I missing something?

The debate and the media coverage should be how to prevent an individual from owning 43 guns. Legislation to control who can purchase firearms and comprehensive database of where these weapons are and the name of the individuals that are responsible for these guns.