European Parliament block plans to make donor kebabs illegal.

To keep, according to the kebab industry, they need to use phosphates to keep the frozen meat juicy and tender for customer consumption.

However, others argued that phosphates posed a health risk for cardiovascular disease. European Socialist and Greens led the debate for the ban on health grounds.

But, media report states that the European Parliament defeated the bill voting 372 to keep the additive, 272 against with roughly 30 abstentions.

In my opinion, this is yet another win for big corporation irrespective of the health issues. We are aware that every level of food we consume has the potential to harm our bodies. There are those who campaign for us not to eat any meat, that will never happen.

Like robots, human beings when it comes to food are, programme, the vast majority liked spicy food, consume tons of pork, beef, chicken, lamb, mutton. All over the world, there are differences in the many ways in which we cook and eat food, and to preserve them for long-term use we tend to add additives.

The food industry will always find methods for us to consume their product, and of course, when a health issue arises they will do everything in their power to debunk the claim. The onus is left with the consumer to decide if the concerns could be genuine and what steps they are going to take to protect themselves.