Government Be Proactive Not Reactive

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It makes me very irate with reactive government and today is no exception to the rules.  All government must take proactive procedures to fight terrorism, and I am annoyed that they do not seem to do so.

Why did we have to wait until the atrocity which occurred in Nice before people like our newly appointed PM want to order British security reviews? From the actions of the government official, it would appear that they are waiting for the terrorist to strike before they put in place measures to protect their citizens.  

Granted, individuals that wish to destroy a democratic way of life is not sitting down and waiting for us they are orchestrating ways and means to create as much carnage as they possibly can.  Although it is impossible to stop every attack that these vile individuals will accomplish, the onus is still will us to at least try.  So for me, I do not want to hear people talking, after an attack that we will be beefing up security, I want security beefed up before an assault.

Terrorism is the scourge of the twenty-first century and we cannot bury our head in the sand and hope it goes away, it is not.  The agenda of these people is world chaos, and we have to demonstrate to them that we have the same vigilance to hunt them down and put a stop to their actions before they hurt innocent civilians.

We are so technological advance and countries all over the globe are more in tune with each other than any other time in our history.  We must use these tools of communication to ensure that we are one step ahead of these individuals.  Of course, it is much easier when you are targeting groups it is much more challenging with lone individuals.

Let us for once in our lifetime be as proactive as we can humanly be instead of always prone to act in a reactive way, the wait and let something happen then we strike is outdated and archaic.

People who undertake terror activities do not walk around with a sign tattoo on their foreheads, they look and operate like ordinary citizens, that is why necessary vigilance proactiveness imperative.