My Opinion

Why Should Disabled People Feel Ashamed

Disability is not something that anyone would knowingly inflict upon themselves. Therefore I cannot see why a physically challenged person should feel ashamed. If society cannot accept that, there are physically challenged people in our […]


Knife Crime Law not Tough Enough

I believe that the law governing knife crime is too soft and because of that the individuals that are carrying and using knives are not concerned are afraid of the punishment if convicted. Again the […]


Terror in Munich Shopping Centre

Germany is in mourning tonight following the deaths of nine people and twenty critically ill at a shopping centre. I cannot understand the mentality of these people who always seem to want to bring chaos and […]


Dramatic fall in UK Economy

According to media report the Brexit results to leave the European Union has cause a substantial deterioration in economic activities. Service and manufacturing experience a decline in orders and output. The report equates the falling […]

My Opinion

Why do US Police Quick to Kill Blacks

I believe that the killing of Blacks by US police is leftover from the remnants of slavery, and the perception of blacks during this disgraceful period in history. There is a slavery mentality that regards […]