Why should Young Offender get Anonymity

I am having a problem with the legal systems, why should young people who commit criminal activities given the privilege of having their identity protected. A 12-year boy commits an adult crime and because of […]

My Opinion

Political Intrusion into life from birth

Following the Supreme Court, ruling against Scotland ‘named person scheme’. One wonders what it is with some government organisation, why do some people believe they should intrude into our life from we are born. This scheme should […]


Genuine Refugees should not be penalise

I endorse Germany Chancellor position is standing firm in that there will be no reversal of refugees policy despite the terror attacks. That is what a decent human being would do. Why should genuine refugees […]


Integrity and Dignity Should Govern Politics

The reason I believe that sections of our community do not trust politicians, in my opinion there doesn’t seem to be any dignity or integrity shown by some political figures. A politician should campaign on what […]