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Racial Inequality Rooted in UK- So What’s New

Unfortunately, the black community does not need any watchdog to tell us what our community already know.  Minority groups have been coping with Britain institutional racism for decades. The Black communities recognise that in respect of […]


Owen Smith More Appealing to Voters

For weeks the Labour party that should be united and concentrate on being an active opposition to the Conservative party is locked in a leadership battle. It is divisive and takes the focus off more important […]

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Pregnant Girlfriend Pushed Out Of Moving Car

There is something fundamentally wrong with our judicial system.  I can comprehend that there are some criminal acts which judges deemed not requiring custodial sentence and in some cases, the electorate would agree. However, pushing a pregnant […]

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Head Of E.O.C Arrested over Olympic Ticket Sales

The head of European Olympic Committees was, arrested in Brazil following allegations that he was involved in illegal Olympic ticket sales. Media reports suggest that the European Olympic Committees head is suspected, of having participated […]

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Modern Day Domestic Slave Masters

Slavery one of the most humiliating thing that millions of people endured.  Black people bore the brunt of slavery until it was, abolished in the US 1865 and 1836 throughout the British Empire.  Holding a […]

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15 Guantanamo Detainees Transfers to U.A.E

The transfer of fifteen detainees to the United Arab Emirates consisting of twelve Yemeni national and three Afghans leaves a total of sixty-one prisoners still at Guantanamo Bay.  According to a media report, the inmates released, […]