Who the hell does Tory MP Maria Caulfield thinks she is?

Firstly, I grew up in Lambeth, so does my children and not only did I went to University, none of my children is in prison.

It makes me extremely angry when idiotic politicians believe they have a right to, not only buy into stereotyping but promote garbage.

According to a media article, suggesting that a Conservative MP who claims she grew up in what she called ‘a socialist state of Lambeth’ where more kids end up in prison than university, is not only outrageous, it is a disgusting remark to be made by a so-called public figure.

The residents of Lambeth, in my opinion, has nothing against accepting facts. What we are not prepared to do is listen to people who cannot back up their stupid remarks with facts. Categorising young people because of where they live is an out and out ridiculous and inaccurate information.

Her remarks were so atrocious that even the Met police had to comment that to suggest that majority of kids end up in prison is inaccurate and, the police should know they are the ones with the crime stats.

It is no wonder the country is in such mess, having idiotic politicians that open their mouths without first using their brain, and to have these individual representing us, God help the UK.