Why Immigrants and refugees are resented

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Following media report that a Syrian refugee kills a pregnant woman and injury two others, one can see why so many people in various Europe Immigrationcountries are resentful of refugee and immigrants.

If one commits a crime whether a native or someone with refugee status, the judicial system should prosecute the offender without prejudice and I believe that in most part they do. However, we are living in an imperfect world and because of that differences in groups are identifiable and are used against people of different background and those that are vulnerable.

In my opinion, the vast majority of immigrants, refugees are decent hard working individuals who have to leave their country because of war or being persecuted. However, there is a small minority that has cause havoc wherever they go.

I believe that sometimes racist attacks on what is called foreigners are because when the media report the crime and state that is committed by refugees, blacks Indians or any none native person, it confirmed the beliefs of those that resented immigrants and refugees that they were right in believing that these people are nothing but trouble. It gives those individual with bigoted ideologies that if those people were not in their country that particular crime or criminal act would not happen.

Illegal activities are not the exclusive right of immigrants are refugees, it is committed by all, irrespective of colour, race, creed or religious beliefs. But because the emphasis in place negatively on the immigrants and refugees it pushes these people to the forefront. 

I am not suggesting for a moment that the media should not report crime and criminal activities, I just which they report it in a way that does not identify where an individual comes from, their race and status in the country.

It is unfortunate that their unacceptable behaviour reflects so negative on genuine refugees and immigrants.