12 Year Old Boy To Marry 11 Year Old Cousin – You Kidding Me

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What the hell is happening in our society?  Are these so-called parents gone totally mental, or just simply bonkers, I need to understand.

Not The Girl bride Involved  FOR AFFECT ONLY
Not The Girl bride Involved

How can a father believe that it is acceptable for his 12-year-old son to marry his 11-year old cousin?  According to the media report, the so-called father stated that it is only an engagement not yet a marriage.  So I suppose that makes it rights. – Really

Can these people not understand how outrageous their behaviour is, what, seriously, what is the matter with these bone-headed people?

Children are supposed to enjoy being a child.  They eventual becomes an adult and that his the time they should make a decision that governs the rest of their life, not having some old out-dated antiquated culture force upon them.  We are in the 21st Century, or have they not notice?

The father believes that because his son is 12-years old and the cousin 11-years old this is a blueprint for them to get married.  What happens if the girl changes her mind later on, is she going to be the subject of honour killing for disgracing the family.

There is no doubt that this act, in my opinion, is a crime that his been perpetrated on children that

have no say in the matter.  The authorities should step in and protect these kids from this ridiculous man. 

Give me strength, I am furious, and as far as I am concerned, I have lots of respect for cultural differences, but this is stupid, idiotic and disgusting.