How many more young men is going to lose their lives from stabbings

This is the question of the century and, there are no answers that will ease the pain of the victim’s families.

According to a media report, a 20-year old man from Stamford Hill was found at 2.50am Saturday morning stabbed to death following a brutal knife fight. This latest fatality makes over 100 knives associated murder in the UK Capital.

The Metropolitan police seem to be at a loss as to how to curtail the carrying and using of knives by teenagers. As a society, we need to know if the Police, Government and Local authority are losing the fight against knife crimes and if that is the case how many more grieving families is in the making.

In my opinion, the war on knife crimes will never be won, until the government gives more power to the Judicial system to send these users of knives to prison for a very long time. If an individual is found with a knife and they do not have a valid reason for carrying one they should go to prison for 10 years, and where they use a knife to murder or injuring another person they must be sent to prison for the rest of their natural life, irrespective of their age.

I am sick of this soft touch method that is being used to appease knife-wielding teenagers and, in doing so are allowing too many young people losing their life as the perpetrators of these crimes do not think the justice system is tough enough and therefore they do not pause to think before they use a knife.

Knife crimes take a toll on the families that have to live through the death of a loved one. The pain never goes away and if you come up close and personal with the loss of a friend or family member from stabbing every time you read about another stabbing the nightmare come crawling back to your loss.