Country and Anthem cannot take Precedence over Inequality

The people who are, according to the media are burning Nike trainers, and other items associated with the brand are nothing more than bigots.

Nike appointed former NFL quarterback as part of their 30th anniversary ‘just do it’ campaign. Some people are protesting, and, their stupid reasons for opposing his that he kneel down during the playing of the US National Anthem in protest against inequality.

Are these idiotic twits living on the same planet as the rest of us? The inequality against ‘Black’s and minority people in the US is not something that is hidden. Blacks, especially young ones are ten times more likely to be shot and killed by police, stop search and harass, go to prison longer and in cases where their right or violated by a police officer the officers in many cases are found not guilty even with clear and precise evidence.

The fact that someone like Colin Kaepernick do something to highlight the inequality in the US. His actions should be, supported. Instead, the racist and bigots are once again raising their ugly heads as they always do. Let them burn their Nike trainers; I am sure that the support for Nike products outweighs the few idiots that are getting rid of theirs.

In my opinion, Nike must not bow to these few idiotic people. They must keep Colin as part of their 30th-anniversary celebrations. If they pull him out, they are saying that people with a racist and bigoted tendency are right and the stance that Kaepernick took was wrong and, for that I would lose all respect for the company.