17 year old who carried out acid attack identified

warning acid

A 17-year old boy from Croydon, South London who carried out a spate of acid attacks on moped riders has been, identified.

According to a media report, on Monday he pleaded guilty to six counts of using corrosive liquid with the intention to disable, disfigure and cause grievous bodily harm.

The Judge told the court that after he pleads guilty to these counts, there was public interest in identifying the teenager. Of course, the crimes he commits or abhorrent, and there can be no excuses or justification for his behaviour or the trauma he inflicted on innocent people.

However, there are others who commit similar crimes or even worse and have their identity withheld. Although, I believe that no one who commits a crime should be given anonymity, what was so different in this case.

In my opinion, the courts should either disclosed, regardless of age anyone who commits a heinous crime, but if they decide, for whatever reason they are only going to reveal the identity of individual sections of the community it could be, seen as racism.

The crimes he pleaded guilty to are horrific criminal acts, which has left individuals with life-changing injuries, and he must pay for his sins. These young people need to understand that society will no longer tolerate their bad anti-social behaviour, but let us be fair about the steps we take to achieve our goals.

Read more here: http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/09/boy-admitted-spate-acid-attacks-delivery-drivers-london-identified-7214621/