Christianity versus Same-Sex Marriage what will the impact on society be?


With over 25 countries, such as Australia, Canada, Germany, United States, England/Wales and Belgium legalising the rights of a same-sex couple to marry, how will this impact Christianity and those who are steadfast in there biblical belief?

How religion has become embroiled in the gay marriage debacle and accordingly gay marriage in the religious debate has been deeply unhelpful to both sides. Christianity is the world’s largest religion and is primarily made up of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and various denominations of the Protestant churches.

There is a belief that the ‘bible’ both the old and the new testament was inspired words of God given to human authors so that they could document the wishes and teachings of God, how he wanted us to worship and live in the manner that pleases him, hence the bible.

Human beings are those that are proponents of the Christian faith have a total belief in the teachings of the Bible, and therefore any way of life that is not conducive to the teachings of the scripture is deemed blasphemous and goes against the grain.  It is therefore critical to understand why most Christians will not embrace homosexuality and the marriage between individuals of the same sex.

Although, as a Christian, I do not believe that we have the right to judge or harm anyone who does not accept our way of life.  I still think in the teachings of the bible and Leviticus 20:13, it clearly states “If a man also lies with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both have committed an abomination: they shall surely be, put to death; their blood shall be upon them”. However having find those instructions within the old testament of the bible I am mindful that in the new testament, in fact, Romans 12:19 “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourself, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is, written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”.

The world can argue the merits of homosexuality until they are blue in the face, but the fact remains that in my opinion, the creator knows that human beings as a species would no doubt be frail and weak and not all will adhere to his teaching, and therefore he made provision for those weaknesses.

It is challenging, in my opinion, to come to terms with homosexuality. Because of my belief in procreation, this can only happen between a man and a woman and although science has evolved in that it is now possible for a woman to become pregnant without using the traditional way the fact remains that it takes both male and female contribution to create a life.  

However, irrespective of my beliefs I believe that it is essential that as a society we allow the individuals to live the life they choose we should not orchestrate violence against them because they do not fit into the mould that we believe they should.

The question of whether Christianity takes precedence over homosexuality is one that I cannot answer without going against the wishes of God not to judge. I have to leave that decision to him. What I, however, believe is right is that no section of society has a right to impose their chosen lifestyle on another. And what we should do is be tolerant of each other way of life and coexist in peace and harmony and leave the decision up to the creator to separate the wheat from the tare.