Conservative Chancellor to end ‘Help to Buy’ Housing

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The help to buy housing scheme was set up in 2013, by former chancellor George Osbourne under Prime Minister David Cameron. The project designed to help millions of first time home buyers and allowed individuals to get their foot on the property ladder.

Regret wrong doing

A first-time buyer would only need to find 5% of the cost of the house, and the mortgage would cover 95%.  Now a government led by Theresa May, who stated, when she was given the Prime Minster post, that her government would represent all the electorate, not just the privilege, has done a remarkable u-turn.

Since Theresa May replaced David Cameron, her methods of ruling the country are, ending the ban on grammar schools, changing the childhood obesity strategy, and now her Chancellor as announced the ending of the help to buy scheme.

Well, if those are the ways in which she believes that her government wants to cater for all the electorate they have a funny way of showing it. The majority of the policies she is now getting rid of were policies that she agreed with as the former home secretary.  She his now doing a u-turn on these fundamental policies because she thinks it will stamp her authority on the government and eradicate David Cameron’s style of leadership.

But, she forget one crucial aspect, David Cameron can go out knowing that the country and its electorate gave him a mandate as Prime Minister, she inherits the title, and in my opinion one, she did not deserve.

How can, on the one hand, say that you want to lead a government that ensured that everyone is treated fairly and then take away the very things that would afford them some modicum of fairness.

In my opinion, that is what you get from capitalist regimes; they only think about how much they can rape the countries resources and provide for their, rich cat friends.  The majority of the electorate means nothing to them until an election is looming then they throw out a bone hoping like dogs the voters will run to pick it up.

We are in a technological era, and people are much more informed than before, and this government needs to know that election bribery will not work anymore, so do not rely on them.