Ghost Baby Spot Climbing Into Live Baby Cot – Really

My Opinion

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Or you kidding me, well whether you believe in spirit, ghost, or whatever name you may call someone who has died and left this realm it would appear that they do not go quietly and will do anything to stay among the living. 

According to a media report, a 39-year-old mother alleges that she saw on her baby monitor a ‘ghost’ baby entering, the cot of her live 18-month-old son and laying down beside him. I know that we tend to be quick to judge people.especially if we have never seen a so-called ghost in our life.  However, speaking from experience and having seen ghost all my life I can concur with that mother that she could be telling the truth.

Human beings are so hell-bent on debunking anything that they do not see or cannot trust that we tend to forget that we live in a world that has so many unexplained things happening around us that it is not the stretch of the imagination to believe that ghost exist.  There have been more than enough documented proof that shows the activities of spirit within our realm, their behaviour the fact that they can attach themselves to the living and they can cause havoc in a household.

I believe that it is important to go directly to the source of this report and I hereby include a link so that reader can see the allege story and make up their own minds as to whether this is fact or fiction.