Listening, obeying, practising, worshiping, spreading the word of God

Eternal Father, I come to you today asking you to help your children to listen, obey, practice, worship and spread your words among humanity.

Lord, the struggles of this world, have burdened your people so much so that we are kept in captivity by the adversary, and we must break free from the evil that is keeping us down.

Everlasting Father, we beg you to intervene in our lives today take away all the negative things that are keeping us enslaved. Father, make our homes happier, job secure, finances improved, meet our financial obligations and needs, take away stress from our lives, lift your people and plant our feet on solid ground.

Satan is using his spiritual form to influence your people into doing wrong. God Almighty block out his negativity in the precious name of Jesus who sacrifice and died for our sins.
Father, remove the Devil from controlling your children give us the ability to recognise him for what he is, an evil, destructive thing.

I am asking you to help me spread your message. Let this prayer reach tens of thousands and more of your children. We need to spread the Gospel, and we have a medium to do so. Lord, let this message resonate around, the world that your children understand that you are with them now and always.