Political Intrusion into life from birth

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Following the Supreme Court, ruling against Scotland ‘named person scheme’. One wonders what it is with some government organisation, single mother children fourwhy do some people believe they should intrude into our life from we are born.

This scheme should never be allowed; it should be scrapped, not amended or re-written. What rights do these people believe they have in snooping on the private life of others?

It would appear the word privacy is beginning to lose its meaning.  As human beings, we should expect a degree of privacy and to have anyone appointed to so-called ensure the well-being of our life, that is why we have parents. Of course, some parents do not take that responsibility positively, and that is when the measures put in place such as social services get involved.

Where do the people come off with this draconian idea?  They seriously need to re-think their attitude. We already have so many intrusion into our lives, and now the state believes they have a right to violate the rights of the family unbelievable.