Stabbings In UK Capital Going Unresolved


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These unresolved stabbings are unacceptable and one that our community cannot tolerate.  According to a media report, most stabbings in knives setLondon are going unresolved.

The questions that are now being asked are they going unresolved because the majority of stabbing victims are young Black men?  Is the police pursuing the perpetrators of this crime vigorously?  Are the victims too scared to give the cops the information necessary to catch these criminals?

Irrespective of what the reasons are, we, society and communities cannot tolerate the rise in the level of stabbings in the Capital.

It is a scourge on society when we have figures showing that 10,238 knife crimes occur in the Capital and 8,147 are unresolved.  Other reports are showing there is a 16% rise in stabbings, however catching the people responsible for these criminal activities have gone down. 

In my opinion, and from reports, the victims of stabbings are reluctant to tell the police who the individuals are that commits the crime, even when lives, are taken.  These perpetrators have instilled so much fear in victims that the saying on the street is ‘snitch you get stitch.’ 

Criminals ruled the community by fear and intimidation, and they are allowed to get away with their enterprise because the community is so afraid to stand up to them, afraid of the repercussions should you inform the police about their activities. 

This is, the 21st Century, the time comes, when the Police and the community must work together to stamp out knife crimes. Victims need to know that they will be given every necessary protection, if and when they give the authority the information required to take these individuals out of the communities.

Parents have a major part to play in helping to stamp out knife crimes, stop protecting your diabolical children, and parents of victims must encourage your kids to take a stand against these vile individuals.  

If we continue to bury our heads in the sand and leave the police alone to tackle these crimes, we will continue to bury our young men.  The time as come for the communities to step up to the plate and work effectively with the authorities to clean out these deadbeat.