Treat 18-25 Year-Old As Adults, Period

The notion that the criminal justice system should treat someone who commits a crime between the age of 18-25 differently, and not as Politicianadults, is ridiculous, idiotic, stupid and infantile.

According to a media report, some MP’s believes that 18-25-year-old brains are still developing when they commit a crime they should not be treated as adults and therefore, be treated differently from other offenders. What a load of hogwash.

So-called do-gooders primarily cause the problem we have in society.  If someone takes the decision to commit a crime, why should they get special treatment, unless the offense happens in defense of one’s life?  It then becomes self-defence.

Laws and legislation are created to deter individuals from committing crimes.  If we lessen the current law to take into account that 18-25-year-old not be treated as adults if they commit a crime, we are setting a dangerous precedence that will plague the next generation.

Our responsibility is to ensure we have stringent laws that will deter people from committing crimes and although we recognize that this doesn’t always occur, we should not water down the laws currently in use, but tightened the ones we are already using.

I hope that the electorate will be as offended as I am, regarding this suggestion, especially when so many young lives, have been lost due to stabbing and the perpetrators of these crimes are generally in the age group that these MP’s want to be dealt with differently.