Two Navy airmen spot UFO that outspeed F18’s fighter jets.

My Opinion

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The vast majority of UFO sightings were, disregarded, and sometimes idiotic explanations were, given by either the military or government. Trying to debunk the existence of unidentified flying objects.

However, the latest reported sightings of UFO were, made by a pair of US Navy airmen. They spotted the object during a training mission. Apparently, they were in separate F/A-18F super hornets, 100 miles off the coast of San Diego when they saw the UFO.

According to the media article, they tracked the object for a couple of weeks before approaching it to have a look. They reported that the UFO appeared at 80,000ft, sped towards the sea, stopped at 20,000ft, hover then disappeared off the radar. The pilot alleges that when he started to fly toward the object, it accelerates like nothing he saw before.

In my opinion, these are credible individuals, who were given the authorisation to fly F18’s therefore, the US Navy believe they are of sound mind and body. If they say the saw a UFO, there is no reason to doubt their credibility or integrity.

I believe it is the time that the government and the militaries around the world start owning up to the fact that their or UFO using our airspace and we are yet to determine the intentions and reasons. Sweeping sighting under the rug is no longer a viable option, and debunking credible UFO sightings is now counterproductive.