21 year old terrorist jailed for 30 years

A 21-year old terrorist who planned to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May has been, jailed for life with a recommendation that he serves at least 30 years.

The young man was brainwashed by an uncle who died in a drone strike in Syria. Following his uncle’s death, he pledges allegiance to IS the Islamist state terror group.

He was arrested last November when he thought he was collecting an explosive-packed jacket and rucksack. But it was a trapped by an officer from counter-terrorism, FBI and M15.

During his Old Bailey trial, he admitted he help other friends joined IS. Having being found guilty, he was, sentenced to life.

In my opinion, these young men are, so brainwashed that they waste their life on an ideology that is so flawed. At age 21 he will be in prison until he his 51-years old or beyond.

I hope the severity of the sentence will deter young men from throwing their lives away to unscrupulous bigots who have too much hatred for others and no respect for the sanctity of human life.

We may be of different race, culture, and religion but that does not give any of us the right to destroy the other. Terrorist actions destroy life create chaos and mayhem, and as a society, we must stamp out terrorism from our communities.