32 years minimum prison term for a man who rapes and murders 72 years old

Justice sometimes leaves us speechless, in particular when we believe the punishment does not fit the crime. However, there are times when the judicial system tips on the side of the victim.

The 72-year old senior citizen raped and murdered by a 26-year old man who used to walk her dogs may be gone, but her family should be extremely pleased with the outcome of the trial into her death.

According to a media report, the individual that raped and murdered her has been, jailed for life with a recommendation that he served a minimum of 32 years in prison and that is justice I can applaud.

Apparently, he did not testify at his trial, after telling the police at his interview that he had consensual sex with the victim and left her live. But, an investigation into his conduct proves he was hyped up on cocaine and alcohol when he breaks into the senior citizen bungalow, assaulted and murdered her.

In my opinion, this is one time that I respect the decision of the Judge and hope that he will have at least 32 years of his freedom severely restricted, and time to reflect on the heinous crime that he commits against a very vulnerable member of society.