Parsons Green Station bomber sentenced to life imprisonment

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Croydon Gloucester Road Stabbing, One Man Died

bombs detonate

The Parsons Green Station bomber who planted a bucket bomb on the tube that injured 51 people has been, jailed for life.

According to a media report, the man who claimed to be 18- year old stated that he made the bomb to revenge the death of his father who was, killed in Iraq. He also allegedly said that he was disappointed when the bomb only partially detonated.

There was very little doubt in anyone’s mind that the intent on that morning was to injure and kill as many passengers as possible. But for the fact that the bomb only partially explodes the outcome could have been different.

Apparently, the bomb was, made with 400g of Mother of Satan and 2.2kg of shrapnel. It was a bomb designed to cause maximum chaos and death. The commuters at Parsons Green Station was extremely fortunate.

The bomber now in prison starting his life sentence with the recommendation that he served a minimum of 34 years. We hope this will give him time to reflect on his idiotic actions. However, it is, stated that he made no reaction when the life sentence verdict was handed down.

In my opinion, his deep-seated hatred for the British people was, motivated by the Islamic State Extremist propaganda. It is so sad that individuals could so easily manipulate a young man who is classed, as a brilliant student, preaching their hatred and inciting carnage.

The lives of the Parsons Green victims will never be the same. According to reports, some have even given up their jobs because they are afraid to travel on the tube. However, we are safe in the knowledge that anyone who perpetrates acts of terrorism on British soil will be hunted caught, tried and sent to prison.

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