A New Low In Football Club Security

Since the horrors of 9/11, we have witnessed heightened security protocols around the world. In most part, we have accepted and embraced that our lives will never be the same, tolerating numerous security intrusion into our lives for our safety.

However, some organisation has taken security to a new low. According to a media article female supporters of a football club was subjected to security protocols that were called a gross invasion of privacy.

Apparently, female supporters were made to show their bras to stewards during the search, and if the bras were, underwired they were asked by the security personnel if they could feel them.

The outlandish manner in which these security searches were, performed.  Prompted a Supporter’s group to send a letter to the football club involved, pointing out not only what had happened to female supporters, but that children as young as five were, subjected to full-body search and items such as contact lens solution, cough sweets, and medication were, confiscated.

No doubt there will be an investigation into these securities allegations, and if they are substantiated, in my opinion, that present a gross misuse of how individuals are, searched by a member of a security team.

Irrespective of the fact that it was female security personnel that was used to search female supporters the mere fact they were asked to show their bras, and have them feel if it had underwire, was outside the scope, in my opinion, of any security protocol.

The onus is now on this particular football club to thoroughly investigate the claims and ensure that their answers satisfy the supporters otherwise they could be financially hurt.