School Teacher Banned For Having Indecent Images, of Boys

My Opinion

A Paddington Academy teacher who was, praised for his work with children has been banned from the profession, permanently for having indecent images of schoolboys.

This 58-year old with a 30-year career in teaching, whose work was, nominated for an award because of his contribution working with vulnerable youths, lost his job, over, in my opinion, stupidity.

According to media sources, in February 2015 the police raid his home, no information was, released as to the reasons for the raid. However, the police confiscated a DVD titled “After School Break” the film depicts four boys between the ages of 14 and 16. He was arrested on the 21 April on suspicion of having indecent images of children and was, given and accepted a caution for the incident.

But, the National College for Teaching and Leadership Panel did not accept that the caution was punishment enough and believe that the seriousness of the allegations against this once prominent teacher was such, that he was, banned from teaching, and he’s not entitled to apply for restoration of his teaching license.

Anyone who is involved with children must demonstrate a level of conduct that is beyond reproach. A teacher can shape children’s lives, and they should not cross a line that causes questions to be, raised about their conduct.

Whatever or whoever we are, of course, we have a personal life apart from one’s professional. Irrespective of what we may think private experiences have an impact on our professional lives. Therefore, it is essential that we ensure that if and when these two entities collide they are a mirror image, especially when you are in the teaching profession.