A prayer for Jamaica and its people


Eternal Father, I come to thee on this day with a special prayer request for the Island of Jamaica and its people.

Lord, I know that because the Devil is in control of the world, he influence your children and cause greed, envy, selfishness to take over their minds bodies and soul. The killing of each other we know is because of the Devil lies making them believe the lure for money is the only thing there is to a fruitful life.

Heavenly Father, bring peace to our Island, take over the hearts and minds of the Jamaican people, soften their hearts and make them their brother’s keeper. Take away greed, envy and selfishness from within them and bring them into the light, put love in their hearts, so they look after each other in positive ways.

Lord, thank you so much that you promise to be our advocate. Thank you that in the times when, like Job or Peter, it seems that Satan is sifting us like wheat, you are praying for us. Thank you that we know that even if it looks like we have to wait, the answer to our advocate in heaven’s prayer will always ultimately be ‘Yes’.

Father, I put the people of Jamaica and the entire Island into your amazing hands. Knowing that you will warm their hearts steer them away from anger, greed, envy, selfishness and violence, so their lives can be progressive and the beauty of the Island can shine through, in Jesus name. Amen