Why Should Cancer Patients Wait for Treatment

My Opinion

Health warning to cook frozen sweetcorn properly

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The National Health Service NHS) was the first universal health care system established anywhere in the world.  Making health care available CANCER CELLto every member of the community and paid for by National Insurance contributions.

During the Thatcher era, the NHS was reform so-called modern management processes put into place. I do not believe they are effective, but one has to recognise that the number of people using the NHS  is far greater than when the service started.  So reforming the NHS was necessary but not the way in which the Conservatives did, turning doctors into accountant rather than health care providers was ridiculous.

I am not surprised the media report that more cancer patients have kept on the waiting list at least two months for treatment and that 76,000 more people affected since the Conservative Health Secretary took the office in 2012.

There is not going to be any alarmed bell ringing when it comes to the Conservative and the NHS the vast majority of people, in my opinion, is well aware that the National Health Service is never; safe in the hands of the Tories’.  Irrespective of what they say. 

Under a capitalist government, they do not want any service that catered to the community regardless of who you are they would like to see many people paying for their health care. In the UK purchasing, private medical insurance is a choice and not the norm.