A Prayer To Start Your Day And Keep Negative Thoughts Away

My Opinion
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Mighty God, thank you for waking me up this day, let me give you the praise and glory.

God may nothing separate me from You today. Teach me how to choose only Your way today so each step will lead me closer to You. Help me walk by your Words and not my feelings. Help me to keep my heart pure and undivided. Protect me from my careless thoughts, words, and actions. Keep me from being distracted by my wants, my desires, on how things should be.

Everlasting Father, help me to embrace what comes my way as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. And finally, help me to rest in the truth of Psalm 86:13, For great is thy mercy toward me: and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell.

Mighty God, having the whole picture you already see how I will fall short and mess up. Right now, I consciously hear your voice whispering absolute love for me into the deepest part of my heart. I recognise. Your love for me is, not based on my performance. You love me with all my shortcomings. Lord, help me to forever remember what a gift it is to sit with You like this. Lord, as I begin this journey with you today, remove the influence of the Devil and all is negative thoughts from me and keep me safe and secure in your grace.

My God, thank you for your incredible power and work in my life, thank you for your goodness and your blessings over me. Thank you for your great love and care. Thank you for your sacrifice so that we might have freedom and life. Forgive me for when I don’t thank you enough, for who you are, for all that you do, for all that you’ve given. Help us to set our eyes and our hearts on you. Renew my spirits, fill me with your peace and joy. I love you and need you, this day and every day. I give you praise and thanks, for you alone are worthy In Jesus’ Name, Amen.