Why is sexual perversion so rampant within our environment

According to the definition of perversion a type of human behaviour which deviates from what is understood to be standard or orthodox.

I am today focusing on sexual perversion and trying to understand why as human beings we believe this vile behaviour is acceptable to our communities. Below I will be looking at and analysing three cases which appear in the local media.

A 46-year old Islamic studies tutor was, jailed for sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl in her home. He was hired by the child parents to give her lessons in Islamic studies. Instead, he broke their trust and violated their daughter. Why would a 46-year old man carry out such atrocity?

Married 28-year old man allegedly drag a drunken 18-year old into an alley and rape her, a court heard. The female was, thrown out of a club for being too drunk.

The media article, states that he picked up the woman flung her over his shoulder took her to the alley where he repeatedly assaults her. A passerby saw him standing over her zipping up his pants.

According to him she was ‘horny’ and begged him for sex. Firstly, he has a wife, and if someone is so drunk that they are, thrown out of a club, there is no way she was in a position to consent to sexual intercourse. Moreover, if he were a decent human being, even if we believe his account of the incident, he would have called her a taxi not use the opportunity to sexually assaulted her. Therefore, is defence, is woefully pitiful and smacks of lies.

A 23-year old British man has been, arrested in the Algarve for allegedly raping a 17-year old British woman. The media article suggested that the two left a bar together, but the victim claims the perpetrator forced himself on her and although she refused was unable to stop the man from raping her.

In my opinion, we live in a period where there seems to be no respect for anyone and woman, especially young ones need to take better care of themselves and in particular when they go out clubbing.

There can never be any excuses for rape. But, as a society, we should be able to do more to protect our safety. I never understood the logic of why a female would meet a man in a bar or club and believe it is a good idea to go back to their place of residence.

Commonsense dictates that if someone invites you to a home or hotel room at certain hours in the morning and, after clubbing and alcohol, then it is indeed not for a cup of tea. Young women need to stop the behaviour which puts them in harm’s way. In a perfect society we could meet someone, and even if we are drunk they will not take advantage, but our nation is not, and we need to exercise better judgement.