American states that legalised the use of marijuana see drop in violent crimes

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Ever since the legalised use of marijuana in places such as Amsterdam, it was, always felt that if the government legalise drugs, especially marijuana it would reduce the level of crimes.

There may be more truth than fiction to that statement. As reported, in the media American states which legalised the use of medical marijuana, sees a significant drop in violent crime.

Apparently, the researchers that compiled the information, study FBI reports and found that murder, robbery fell by 10% and murder-related to the drug trade by 41% in areas with medical marijuana facilities.

It is incredible how little we have to do, as a society to reduce the level of criminal activities. The drug barons who had controlled the flow of marijuana into the US have to sit back and watch the legal use of the drugs eat away their profit. The treasury gained the proceeds of as legalised medical marijuana enterprise.

In my opinion, this is the only way any government can control the effects of drugs on our communities. Taking away the commercial appeal from these drugs lord is the only way to protect the people.

The UK government should learn from the experience from across the pond. If we adopt the US criteria in the use of medical marijuana the establishment increase their coffers from the tax that they will no doubt put on the use of marijuana.