BBC Detection Van to Snoop on Wi-Fi

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Unbelievable, where have privacy gone, we can no longer expect privacy in our homes.  It is like living in a police state rather than a televisondemocracy.

According to media report the BBC from next months will be deploying wi-fi detection vans to spy on internet users in their homes to catch those watching programmes online and through iPlayers that require a license.

Television license, in my opinion, is a twentieth century rip off.  Why can’t the BBC like other television station use advertisement to generate their revenue? I do not watch the BBC because of the crap they put out yet I have to purchase a tv license every year, and it angers me. 

Do not be alarm the BBC is undertaking this invasion of our privacy legally because they were able to get the government to change the law. Therefore this new detection method that will be used to spy on us has been legislated and give the BBC the power to use this new technology which apparently, was use for crime fighting.  

They are saying that their inspectors will not be able to spy on other internet browsing habits, I am skeptical of anything that allows access into my home or what I do on the web.  Human nature is such that it start off with good intentions but ends in an invasion of much more than the perimeter that it is supposed to stay within.

Who is going to monitor the inspectors to ensure they only carry out the task they are expected to do, do you think that I am going to trust the BBC to do that.

To fully understand the level of invasion of privacy the full shocking story: