Anti-Brexit protesters march on Westminster in their thousands

Tens of thousands of people, according to a media report, expected to march on Westminster demanding a second referendum vote.

Demonstrators will start from Pall Mall at 12 pm and end up at Westminister. The march is organised by ‘Open Britain’ an anti-Brexit organisation that believes that leaving the European Union is not good for the UK.

There is a genuine concern, among voters, in the country that if and when the UK leaves the EU the backlash to the British people will be dire. Nothing that the two years of negotiations since the referendum has given hope to the electorate that the UK, leaving the EU is beneficial to the country and its people.

Theresa May and some members of her government seem to be oblivious about the mood of the people. She is choosing to ignore the voice of the people and will do so at her peril. It is evident that after two years since the referendum it is becoming clear to voters that leaving the EU is counterproductive and will, in the end, be disastrous for the UK and its citizens.

In my opinion, Theresa May must bow to the will of the voters and call a halt to Brexit; the voters were lied to during the referendum, campaign two years ago and now the truth about leaving the EU as emerge. Therefore if she is truly representing the interest of the people, she needs to give the electorate another chance to vote in another poll.

If the government continued down this road, Mrs May could leave a legacy that future generation may never understand and, the history books will write her up as the biggest destroyer of democracy. Because of her so-called stubbornness to her beliefs, she will not protect current UK citizens or the next generation of British people.