The Home Office Inhumanity smacks of institutional racism

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As human beings, we are, tasked with trying to prevent harm or injury to our fellow humans. But, we understand that the diversity of our race prevents us from acting compassionately, primarily because we have been so brainwashed.

However, I find it distasteful when organisations act idiotically, and their backward decision could cause the life of an individual, especially when the contribution is of a medical nature.

An article in a local newspaper states that a woman with a rare blood cancer could die because the Home Office refused to grant her brother a visa so he could come to the UK and donate bone marrow to save his sister’s life.

One has to ask the question if this was a ‘White’ family in the same predicament would the Home Office refused to grant the visa to the family member? Of course not, this is the level of institutional racism that exists in the UK and, it is not going away anytime soon.

We are fully aware that economic migrants are flooding the UK, once they are, granted visiting visa there are some who overstay. However, when there is clear medical evidence from the hospital stating this woman life hangs in the balance unless her brother provides the vital bone marrow needed to save her life, there should be no question he should be, granted the visa, using the so-called notion that he had insufficient funds is downright disgraceful.

Here again, the government is using lack of finance to penalise a ‘Black’ family. Their archaic decision could leave a little boy motherless.’

When organisations such as the Anthony Nolan and African Leukaemia trust and, the hospital is stating her brother is a 10 out of 10, match and, they have no other option, it makes me very angry that yet again racism will probably cause this young lady her life.

So the government appointing a token non-white as Home Secretary demonstrates to the Black community that nothing changes and their token offer was made to appease the ethnic minority community. In my opinion, their system of institutional racism is still alive; they should be ashamed of their backward, stupid and irrelevant thinking.

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