Article 50 triggered, The Darkness Falling Over The UK

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There are those who will rejoice in the knowledge that the Prime Minister has finally triggered article 50 that will begin the process of the UK leaving the European Union.

However, there are hundred of thousands of people who are rather disappointed that we have arrived at this day  and although it may take the UK up to two years to finally leave the Union, I do believe that the United Kingdom has entered a darkness that they will never emerge from and the long term aspects are going to be detrimental for the majority of the UK electorate.

The first lie that was given to the electorate during the campaign to leave the Union is the fact that the NHS was going to be given over 350 million and now the PM have, according to media reports, stated that this will not happen.  This is just the beginning of things to come.

It is going to be extremely difficult for UK nationals when they realise that the free access we have to travel through the European Union is no longer there and we have to be queuing for visa just to visit other European countries will be one of the things that were never talked about during the campaign, the enormous increase in  living cost, the hundred of jobs that will go and the problem ex-pat will have to overcome.

I personally cannot see anything constructive in leaving the EU, but I might be wrong, maybe there will be positive outcome for the UK, but from my point of view there is nothing that can possibly be positive for the UK leaving Europe except that the rich will get considerable richer and the poor extremely more destitute.

We have damaged the future of the next generation we have taken away their ability to live in a world of co-operation and God forbid that we have World War 3, I hope the UK and it so-called stand-alone policy will be able to defend it citizens without relying on the very people they snub with this ridiculous act