The Continuing Escalation Of Knife Crimes in Our Cities

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A 16-year-old stabbed at Queensbury Tube Station, taken to hospital but was released, police are looking for four men that are, seen on CCTV, they could have potential information regarding the stabbing.

20-year-old stabbed at Earlsfield, after what was, alleged as an argument that took place at Garrett Lane, taken to a hospital but was discharged injuries were not life-threatening.

A 40-year-old stabbed twice by a stranger that he met to, sell a MacBook Pro laptop. The victim was treated for his injuries at the hospital but was released.

Peckham police are searching for information after a second man was, found in a residential street with multiple stab wounds.  The victim remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition.

17-year-old begins a 14-year term in youth detention after he was found guilty of stabbing to death another 17-year-old, who apparently, was a promising DJ with everything to live for

So here we go again, five stabbings one conviction.  But does that conviction and subsequent 14-year youth detention fits the crime, in my opinion, of course not?  This individual should have been; given life, he should be sent to a youth detention facility until he was 18 then to an adult prison for the rest of his natural life.

These young people that are going around stabbing and maiming others are never going to stop until the punishment fits the crime. As long as a society continue to turn a blind eye to the acts of these scourge of society, more and more parents are going to lose their children, and this is making me extremely furious.

I am sick and tired of reading about these unnecessary vicious knife crime, and it would appear that young people cannot resolve conflict and the only way in which they deal with any dispute is by using a knife. 

Between 2005 – 2017, there were over 202 teenage murders of which 145 were due to a stabbing, and I have to wonder, if 145 White teenagers died due to stabbing would the Government move to do something constructively about the perpetrators of knife crimes.  The fact that the majority of those murder by the knife are Blacks is that the reason why the powers that be are showing no interest in putting into place an effective deterrent against these criminals.

Crimes should never have any colour bar, but it seems to be that if you are Black then you can die and no one, in authority seems to care about you, however, if sections of the White community are being, targeted for whatever criminal activities legislations are put into place to ensure that they are, dealt with.  It is a sad time for society when the colour of your skin is the determining factor in whether the scale of justice tips in your favour.