Australian Far-Right Politician Wants Muslims Ban


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One of the biggest problems that we have on this planet is the way in which people respond to a crisis and the after-effects of rash decisions by governments and politicians.

There is no doubt that the terror attack on Westminster bridge is heinous and inhuman, and the individual that caused the problem was dealt with by the security service, he his dead and can no longer carry out any more acts of terrorism.

However, I have read in the media where a far-right politician in Australia is calling for a ban on Muslims. These idiotic politicians are the reason that our planet is in the chaos that we are seeing on a daily basis. Whether it is the UK, US, Germany, France or any other country that terrorism raised its ugly head, there are individuals that are making the task of fanatics easy to recruit vulnerable people to carry out their vile acts of terrorism.

One cannot suppress an entire race of people because of their religious beliefs are for being Muslims.  We pretend that Muslims are the only people that undertake terrorist acts or terrorise our community and that is false.  It would be naive for anyone to think that the fanatical aspects of the Islamic faith are not trying to destroy our way of life, but do you punish every Muslim because of that.

When we call for a ban on Muslim travelling such as those that Donald Trump is trying to impose, all we achieve is creating much more chaos and play right into the hands of groups such as ISIS.  Unfortunately, this is not the best way to tackle the growing terrorist problems.

In order to defeat fanatical Islamic terrorist, we have to work very closely with the Muslim community for us to be able to identify those that are severely brainwashed so much so that they are prepared to carry out a suicide bombing and other acts of terrorism.