Speculation About The Lone Terrorist Is Counterproductive

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The media is full of speculations and innuendoes about the lone terrorist that created the terror attack on Westminster Bridge, killing four people including a veteran police office. The terrorist was shot and killed by armed police.

I am very angry about some of the comments that have been made in the media. Firstly, if MI5 had invested this individual years ago and did nothing then obviously there was nothing that they found that would justify them arresting or keeping this person under surveillance.

Secondly, this individual was British-born, he did not come into the country as a refugee or illegally, therefore he has the rights like every other British born citizen to expect to be treated as innocent until proven guilty of any crime.

In most cases, I would assume when a group of people is plotting terrorist activities it is much easier for the security service to identify and target them.  It stands to reason, where there are many people plotting someone will say something that will alert the security service to what they are up to.  According to the Deputy Commissioner of Scotland yard, security service has foiled many terrorist attacks from occurring on the streets of London.

However, when there are lone individuals that decide to make themselves martyr and undertake terrorist activities as seen on Westminster bridge it is virtually impossible for the security service to target these individuals.  We would have our prisons bursting at the seems if the security service was about to lock up individuals for what they are thinking.

The point is we cannot keep second-guessing the security service and making uncalled for innuendoes about the manner in which they do their job to keep the country safe from those that are hell-bent on doing us harm.  History taught us that individuals that are determined to carry out atrocities will do and we see that from the Columbine school slaughter to the Century movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

Although we fear terrorist and terrorism when they are represented in a group, my biggest fear is the ones that act as loners, they pose much more danger to our society and our way of life than, in my opinion, an organised terrorist group.