Baby Stabbed 14 Times, Then Buried Alive

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I have always believed that if we are born to accomplish a mission in this world, then nothing or no one will prevent us from fulfilling that task.  This story re-enforces my beliefs.

The media report that a 42-year-old woman stabbed her newborn son 14 times then bury him alive was, in my opinion, an appalling act.

newborn in hand
Newborn in hand

However, a farmer noticing the child’s foot sticking out of the ground. She frantically dug the baby out of the shallow grave, to her surprise, he was still alive.

Doctors that treat the baby believes that the weight of the soil was what prevented the child from bleeding to death.  He his now to be adopted by a Swedish couple.  A police officer traced his mother and arrested for abandoning her child and attempted murder.

The level of depravity human beings is capable of inflicting on another, especially a baby that cannot defend themselves is revolting.  It never ceases to amaze me that a mother could bear the pain of bringing a child into the world then treat them so despicable.  

In cases, like these, I believe that woman should never have the opportunity to have another child around her and in fact, spending her life in a prison would not make me lose any sleepless night.  She is callous, uncaring, and a sorry excuse for a human being.