Black Lives Matter Protester Were All Whites – So

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According to a media report, nine individuals using a dinghy got on the runway at London City Airport and tied themselves to a tripod. silhouette of protestorsThousands of passengers were stranded, it took hours for the police to negotiate with the protester before they were, removed.

Apparently, the protesters, all White, were protesting against racist climate crisis, stating that blacks are more likely to suffer air pollution.

The disparity between Black and White and the way in which Black people are, treated in our society, can never be overcome without the support of liberal individuals and therefore the question as to why there was not Black involved in this supposedly ‘Black Lives Matter Protest’ should never, have asked.

First of all, the critics do not know if any black people have been invited to participate in this protest, once again they are assuming that blacks are not up to taking responsibility, not even when it is beneficial to them.  That is an assumption because there are no evidence to confirm or deny that anyone from the movement was aware of what was going on.

Those who believe that Blacks alone can change attitude and perceptions are living in cloud cuckoo land. They need to look at history and recognise that every change that benefits minorities there is always White people involved.  If blacks are going to refuse to go with liberal White people to achieve the changes needed to make society fair and equal, where are they going to get, and how do blacks can ever hope to achieve equality?