UK To Build Wall In Calais To Keep Out Illegal Immigrants

My Opinion

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Various media reports have suggested that the United Kingdom is to build 13 feet high one-mile long concrete wall along the main Great Wallmotorway to the port of Calais to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the UK.

According to statistics available, there are about seven thousand illegal immigrants that manage to get into the Britain via Calais, considering that a report in July indicate that every six minutes an illegal immigrant tries to enter the UK, and the current fence that is there do not seem to deter them.

However, critics are complaining that the two million pounds that it will cost to build the wall are a waste of taxpayers money.  In my opinion, the critics cannot have it both ways; they are complaining about the number of illegal immigrants in the UK.  Illegal immigrants are blamed, for the drain on the NHS, social security systems, housing and most are employed illegally preventing the jobs from going to legal residents.

We cannot complain about the level of illegal immigrants in the country then turn around and criticise the government when they are trying to find a solution to what is clearly a problem.

Of course, we are aware that many migrants are fleeing war-torn countries, persecution, and some are economic migrants.  This country has an obligation to prevent illegal immigrants from bombarding the country.  I am not against genuine refugees coming into the UK, and there is a process for that, but we cannot be hypocritical by suggesting, on one hand, we do not want illegal immigrants then argue that the government is wasting taxpayer money to build this wall.