Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats over poisoning allegations

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Why Does Anything That Trump Do Surprise Americans?

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Following the ongoing poisoning allegation saga, the Prime Minister announced that 23 Russian diplomats had been asked to leave the UK and they have a week to do so.

The Russians, according to media reports, says they consider the PM actions as hostile, totally unacceptable and shortsighted. Russia further added that the responsibility for the relationship deterioration between the two country lies with the current political leadership of the UK.

Apparently, this is the most significant expulsion of diplomats since the cold war. Mrs May also suggested that high-level talks with the Kremlin is off and told the House of Commons that Russia responded to demands, for an explanation in respect of the Salisbury events was with contempt, defiance and sarcasm.

The endless problems between Russia and the UK will affect this Summer’s world cup, as members of the Royal family will not attend.

However, it is unbelievable, that Russia is not defending itself more vigorously against these allegations. One can, either conclude that they do not know anything about the incident in Salisbury and believe that trying to explain to both the government and the British people would make them look guilty, or they are just playing dumb.

One thing for sure this problem is not going away anytime soon, primarily as another Russian exile was found dead in his flat, and there is a suggestion that he had strangulation marks around his neck.