26-year-old man rape and murder 72-year-old senior citizen

senior citizen

A 26-year old man is on trial for raping and smothering a 72-year old senior citizen with a pillow in her home.

Apparently, after consuming a significant portion of drugs and alcohol, he broke into the senior citizen bungalow where he raped her twice and then smothered her before stealing her wedding and engagement rings, handbag, purse and cash. She was, found by carers who visit her on a daily basis.

It was, established in court that the perpetrators DNA was, found inside the victim, his baseball cap found behind her bed and a bar worn with a tongue piercing located on her body.

Clearly, in my opinion, you cannot get better evidence than that, and there is little doubt that this sorry excuse for a human being is responsible for rape and murder of a very vulnerable member of our community. I believe the only sentence the court can mete out is life imprisonment. We cannot and should not allow these inhumane individuals back into any town.

All crime is appalling, but some are so revolting that they defy logic. An individual that is capable of inflicting such atrocity on a frail senior citizen loses the right to be among decent, caring and compassionate human beings.

It is time that the judicial service demonstrates and set an example. Young people who commit such crimes as no sympathy and are devoid of empathy, and therefore, they must be locked up for their natural life, anything less is a travesty to our society.